Without a doubt, the surprise trend last year was the cape. The mere fact that they were as popular as they were took me aback to be sure. Admittedly, I did not purchase one, and am wondering if I might if they are once again a hit this year. To decide I have come up with the following breakdown.

Straight away I can give capes points for the level of mystery they produce.  There is just something mysterious about capes, maybe it is that something appears to be hidden under them, or perhaps that nothing is given away as they do not cling and they cover your entire upper body. Just your hands and arms are revealed In 2010 capes took the fashion world by storm and everyone was hooked. They offer a dramatic flair and work with nearly anything. We did find them a little more difficult to stuff lots of layer under. There is certain elegance about capes that only certain coats seem to be able to capture and we have fallen madly in love with them. But will we be wearing them for years to come? And are they therefore an investment?

Then there’s coats, what can we say about them? They have been around forever and will be undoubtedly continue to be around forever more. Coats come in all shapes and sizes and the choice of style is endless whereas capes are repetitive by nature. There are different kinds of capes, they can be detailed in different ways and come in different colours. But we fear they may never quite be able to match the versatility of a coat. Coats are also for all seasons whereas capes tend to be a winter warmer rather than anything else.

So what’s the verdict? Still unsure about it. All I can think at this time is if they carry over, and I can find one on super sale, it’s a strong…maybe.